Brad Berry, Yamhill County District Attorney

Brad Berry is the Yamhill County District Attorney. He represents the State of Oregon in criminal matters that occur in Yamhill County. Berry is a passionate advocate of justice and takes his role to uphold the Constitution very seriously. He has been a leader in protecting and advocating for crime victims as well as a leader in providing innovative forms of justice. 


Berry believes the primary goal of the criminal justice system is to achieve justice, not just seek convictions. In some cases, the right thing to do is nothing at all. In other cases, justice may be seeking a serious penalty or to protect the public from a dangerous person. For others, justice is treatment court or diversion. Every case is different because every victim is different. Every defendant is different. Every situation is different and they have to be evaluated on their individual merits.


Berry became the District Attorney because he was excited about the opportunity to help people who have been victimized by crime. He is also passionate about working with law enforcement to develop policies that support and protect the community.


Berry spends a lot of time sharing with the community about what the people in his office do and how they do it. He appreciates honest feedback and welcomes people who want to share differing opinions. He believes that by educating the public on the criminal justice system, there is a better chance that justice can be achieved in the courtroom.


Berry believes most people see the work of a prosecutor is just prosecuting cases. He and his staff do so much more than that. What prosecutors do is so complex that people don’t often see the multiple dimensions of this work. Prosecutors train law enforcement on the law and how to protect people’s rights. They work hard to create and maintain relationships with community partners who help us keep people out of the criminal justice system by helping them get the support they need. He and his team work hard to make the system the best it can be and reduce the number of victims and defendants.


Berry has been the Yamhill District Attorney since December 16, 1996, and last elected to his sixth term in January 2017. He regularly represents Oregon District Attorneys at events and on projects across the state. He is an Oregon State University graduate and received his law degree in 1979 from Gonzaga University. Berry previously served as a deputy district attorney and was in a private litigation practice for 12 years prior to being elected District Attorney.


He is a past president of the Oregon District Attorneys Association. In August of 2005, he was elected to be the Oregon State representative to the National District Attorney’s Association Board of Directors and has served as Vice President of NDAA.


Along with other statewide issues, he has been actively involved in the Attorney General’s Victims’ Rights Compliance Project as well as other victims’ rights initiatives. He serves as Chair of the National District Attorneys Association Victims’ Rights Committee and the Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Victims’ Committee. He has been a long-serving member of the OSB Criminal Justice Section executive committee, having twice served as Chair.


Berry has been a frequent law enforcement instructor, an instructor for the Oregon District Attorney’s Association and the National District Attorney’s Association. He formerly taught for both Mount Hood and Portland Community Colleges.


Berry and his wife, reside in Newberg. He is in a service club, volunteers for his church, is involved in community committees and state -wide committees that focus on public safety.